Brief Manual on American Traffic Rules

Main Precepts of Driver

To drive safely, you must follow the many rules and laws. They tell you where and when you can drive. To follow these rules, you must know what traffic lights and signs mean.

Traffic Control at Intersections

Traffic lights, signs, and "right-of-way" rules tell you when to go or stop at an intersection.


Major traffic signs

Right-of-Way Laws

Right-of-way rules help people drive safely. These rules go along with courtesy and common sense.

Speed Limits

California's "Basic Speed Law" states never drive faster than is safe for current conditions, regardless of the posted speed limit.

Use of Lanes

Rules for crossing lanes.


Rules of proper parking.

Use of Horn, Headlights, Emergency Signals

Tips to use of Horn, Headlights, Emergency Signals in different situations.

Following Distance

Keeping a proper following distance from other vehicles can decrease risk of accident.

Sharing Space with Traffic

Rules of sharing space with traffic.


Passing on two-lane roads.

Mobility and Gridlock

Dealing with traffic congestion and avoiding Road Rage.

Accident Avoidance

How to avoid accident.

Drinking/Drugs and Driving

Drinking and driving is very dangerous.

Health and Safety

How your health influence driving.

Some Important Points to Remember

Important points to remember.

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