March 23, 2010

The police cars are indestructible in game. It is impossible to destroy them at all. Your truck looks like wreck after collision with them, but the police cars are still in good condition driving with full speed. How come?
Actually the police cars are destructible: they get their windows broken, paneling deformed, and some systems start malfunction, sometimes you get sparkles and fire outbreaks. However, we made the police a little bit more enduring; otherwise it would never stand against a huge truck. One should not forget that it is the game we are talking about here, and usually the police suffer way more in games unlike the real life.
Police activity is too sensitive. We are hunted down even other car hit our truck. Is it possible to detect this kind of traffic accident?
We made the life easier here, but did it considering the real life. In the USA they have a very well-developed patrol system, and the road guards show up at the accident location within a couple of minutes after the emergency call by the affected person or witnesses.
There was a blockade & police raid in Hard Truck 2/King of the Road. Is it possible to implement this kind of situation after long time escape?
We consider it possible.
It would be fine to insert police helicopter in game as you probably remember was in KotR. Is it workable/feasible?
Following the release of Hard Truck 2 we received a lot of negative feedback from the players regarding the unrealistic aggressiveness of police. So the chopper fell victim of such critics.
It is very hard to run away from police pursuit even if you drive very quickly or hide in a village. We have to ask you to optimize this case for more fun.
We will take note of it.
Some AI cars/trucks cut road across 3 lanes on the highway or stop and do not abide by the traffic rules. It would be nice to see them caught by police. Can this bug be corrected?
The police react to violations by all in-game cars; however they pay more attention to the drivers who committed the most serious violation. It might happen that you are the one. Of course we dont rule out a possibility that it always works perfectly fine. Hence, in the latter case we will be revising it.
There was a road works, flooding or other accidents on the road in KotR. It was marked on map with a warning sign. Is it possible to make it in Rig'n'Roll?
We are currently working on introducing some additional accidents in the game. It will be indeed interesting, but it does require quite an effort to develop.
We have a big set of outside & inside cameras in game. But we do not have a free camera to set for best looking. It would be nice to take a picture from some places as you made it on your screenshots.
You are totally right, our team uses a special camera mode to get screenshots it helps them to get very unusual angles. This cam is blocked by default. But if the users are willing to use it at least for taking screenshots, then we will definitely look into the issue.
We have weather forecast by pressing F3 key inside game. But bad weather icons represent only clouds without draw a distinction between snowing and raining. Can it be marked by different icons?
It hardly snows on the main game territory, thats why we decided that it would appropriate to use one icon.
All truckstops extremely large but completely empty. At least we could have placed some truck or car models...
We have some ideas about it. It is possible we will do something in future.
We have a hotel on the truckstop area. But the necessity of sleeping is not controlled at all. Do you plan to introduce sleeping mode?
We made a research among players about their interest in such effects as fatigue and sleep. Most of them are highly negative towards such realism.
It would be fine to have ability to ask for help other driver through radio, like in HT2. What do you think about it?
It looks like we have to think about it, yes. However, we used to have grave doubts about it before.
Since pedestrians are coming back to the game I have a question about possibility to place some animals in game like deer etc for forest/glade enliven in some place.
If we manage to implement everything we have in mind for the add-ons before the deadline, then we promise to have a closer look at such nice little things. Otehrwise, wed prefer to concentrate on polishing the key elements of the gameplay.
It is very disappointing to lack traffic lights in main game as in patch. Can you consider doing it in 2 or 3 cities as add-on to game? We can agree that highways are not the right place to make it but not all the roads are highways in game.
Everythings possible in this life, but unfortunately not everything becomes possible within the given time and budget-frames. You should always choose what to do first, and what to leave for the dessert.

Will you pre-order the game prior to the release?
Yes, definitely59% [4818]
No, I will buy it in a store26% [2167]
No, I will borrow it from a friend6% [568]
No, I dont like the game7% [596]
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