Dealing with Traffic Congestion. Chronic traffic congestion is the California commuter's biggest headache.

Several driving behaviors which contribute to congestion include:

Rubbernecking perhaps the most frustrating of behaviors. Slowing down to look at accidents or virtually anything else out of the ordinary, is one of the worst congestion offenders.
Tailgating following too closely is common on California freeways, accounting for innumerable accidents which in turn clog major freeways, often for hours.
Unnecessary lane changes although it produces virtually no improvement in arrival times, many motorists insist on weaving in and out of freeway lanes, which slows down all traffic.
Inattention commuters can commonly be seen eating, grooming in the rearview mirror, talking on a cellular telephone, and even reading the newspaper as they drive to work.

Traffic congestion can also be caused by drivers who do not watch the fuel gauge or maintain their vehicles properly. These vehicles can malfunction or stall on freeways or surface streets and cause bottlenecks and major slow downs in traffic flow.

Dealing with Road Rage. Road rage happens when one driver reacts angrily to another driver.

Here are suggestions to avoid provoking other drivers:

Don't cut off other drivers When you merge, make sure you have enough room and always signal before you merge.
Don't drive slowly in the left (fast) lane Driving slowly in the fast lane frustrates other drivers.
Don't tailgate Many drivers get angry when they are followed too closely.
Don't signal gestures to other drivers Keep your hands on the steering wheel. Making obscene gestures to other drivers may provoke him or her.
Use your horn for emergencies only Even a polite tap of your horn may be enough to provoke another driver.
Avoid eye contact with an angry driver To some people, eye contact is the same as a challenge.
Give an angry driver plenty of space If you make a driving error (even accidentally), it is possible the other driver may try and pick a fight with you.

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